Vinyasa yoga Eltham Victoria
Slow down your breathing
Everyday life tends to rush by, causing shallow quick breathing. Yoga helps you slow down your breath and relax your body.
Yoga Eltham Australia
Stretch your muscles
Got any tight spots? Yoga can help you open up the tissue to allow the body to flow.
Yoga Eltham wellness centre
Become stable
Balance is necessary for wellbeing, and holding poses can help you achieve that.
Yoga in Etham Australia.
Take an hour to move and unwind. To slow down the mind and relax/
At the end of every session there will be a few minutes of meditation -- great to finish of the hour
Vinyasa yoga Eltham Australia
Get toned
Build functional muscle, move better and look better.

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Leo van der Pluym Yoga instructor Eltham
Female yoga instructor Eltham wellness centre

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A private wellness space in the Eltham Martial Arts Academy building that provides Ice baths, infrared sauna, remedial massage, vinyasa yoga and contrast therapy.

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