contrast therapy in Eltham, Victoria.
Become stress resistant
Going from hot to cold can be very intense, and cause stress -- stress in a controlled environment. A way to become resistant to it.
Private infrared sauna in Eltham Australia
Detox the body
The muscles squeeze out metabolites during the cold and the sweating will rid your body of toxins.
Ice bath session in Eltham Victoria
Increase blood flow
During your sauna visit, the blood vessels dilate, and when exposing yourself to the cold, the constrict -- this causes the blood vessels to become more flexible and thus more effective.
Private infrared sauna Eltham Australia
Lower inflammation
Because the metabolites are removed, and the blood is flowing again, systemic inflammation can be reduced -- which can cause a lessening of symptoms.
Contrast therapy
Increase metabolism
The controlled stress will increase your metabolism by stimulating your nervous system. The increase also helps you focus.
Cold exposure Eltham wellness centre
Improve recovery
Sore muscles recover much quicker, and any injury you have can recuperate faster too.

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A private wellness space in the Eltham Martial Arts Academy building that provides Ice baths, infrared sauna, remedial massage, vinyasa yoga and contrast therapy.

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