Release tension
Having someone knead all your muscles and rub your skin gives the body the deep relaxation and release of tension that it desires.
Masseur in Eltham Australia
Choose your therapist
Choose a massage therapist you connect with best.
Remedial massage at Eltham wellness centre
Do you want professional help? Try our myotherapist Sally.
Cupping treatment, Eltham, Australia.
Cupping is ideal for releasing knots in muscles and great for athletes that want to get more training in.
Dry needling Eltham, Australia.
Dry needling
We also have dry needling available to get in those hard-to-reach spots. Perfect for overworked muscles.
Myo therapy at Eltham wellness centre
Corrective exercise
Sally, our Myotherapist, is also trained in prescribing corrective exercises, to make sure that you do not run into the same issue.

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Sally Hicks Myo therapist Eltham

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A private wellness space in the Eltham Martial Arts Academy building that provides Ice baths, infrared sauna, remedial massage, vinyasa yoga and contrast therapy.

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