Release trauma
Our mind often doesn't allow us to fully engage with past trauma. Sound healing can allow you to go deeper and open up.
Sound healing room in Eltham, Australia.
Deep meditation
Having trouble meditating? A sound bath will help you let go and find deep relaxation.
Sound & Soul cocoon
Are you looking to treat yourself? Add a cleansing ritual of meditation tea, scrub & sauna to your sound healing session. 
Sound healing event in Eltham Australia.
We have many instruments that make beautiful sounds. Lay on our comfy bed and appreciate the music.
Sound healing event in Eltham Victoria.
Are you a bit tense? Sound healing can help you soften and approach life in a different manner.
Sound bath at Eltham wellness centre.
Positive emotions.
Most everyone leaves with a positive vibe; a better outlook on life. Use the high vibrations of sound healing to move forward.

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Kiley Baker sound healing coach Eltham

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A wellness centre in Eltham that provides Ice baths, infrared sauna, remedial massage, myotherapy, sound healing, yoga and contrast therapy

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