A private sauna at Eltham wellness centre.
Detox the body
Sweating is great for releasing toxins from the body that have built-up over time.
Private infrared sauna Eltham Australia
Bring a friend, and spend some quality-time together in the sauna.
Contrast therapy
Life can be very stressful and demanding. Give yourself time to slow down by hopping in our private infrared sauna.
Have a bath or shower after
Rinse of your body afterwards and head home feeling refreshed.
Kitchen wellness centre Eltham
Drink some tea or coffee
Have some herbal tea to increase the cleansing effect, to heat up the body and to settle your mind.
Outdoor area in Eltham wellness centre, Australia
Get some fresh air
Need to cool down? Head outside for some fresh air and maybe do some reading.

See us in action

Hallway eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Infrared sauna in Eltham, Australia.
Open kitchen area in Eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Outdoor area Eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Private massage room in Eltham, Australia.
Sound healing room in Eltham, Australia.

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A private wellness space in the Eltham Martial Arts Academy building that provides Ice baths, infrared sauna, remedial massage, vinyasa yoga and contrast therapy.

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