Kitchen area Eltham wellness centre
Have a cup of tea
We have a fully equipped kitchen open to all members. Great for a warm cup of tea after a cold plunge.
Outdoor area in Eltham wellness centre, Australia
Relax outside
Warm yourself by the woodfire, hop in the bucket or hang out underneath our gazebo.
Breathwork in Eltham, Australia
Join our Soma breathwork
Experience guided breathwork with a headset and go on a journey through your own breath.
Group meditation in Eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Do a group meditation
Let Dean show you how to enter your own mind and find peace through a guided meditation.
Dry needling Eltham, Australia.
Receive a dry needling treatment
Let Sally release some tension in your body through dry needling
Cupping treatment, Eltham, Australia.
Get some cupping done
Dealing with tight muscles? Maybe cupping done by Ivana will help.

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Sound healing room in Eltham, Australia.
Infrared sauna in Eltham, Australia.
Private massage room in Eltham, Australia.
Open kitchen area in Eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Hallway eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Outdoor area Eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Seated area, Eltham wellness centre, Australia.
Kiley Baker sound healing coach Eltham
Willem van Zanten Breathwork coach Eltham
Leo van der Pluym Yoga instructor Eltham
Sudha Guru, yoga instructor Eltham
Sally Hicks Myo therapist Eltham


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A private wellness space in the Eltham Martial Arts Academy building that provides Ice baths, infrared sauna, remedial massage, vinyasa yoga and contrast therapy.

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